Invisible Ideals

by Offsite

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released March 2, 2015

The Pigeon Post ft. Max Bowen- Tokimonsta
Saikyō Pusher - Us.
Dungeon Maps (for the beggar under my futon) ft. Willing- Evil Needle
Ape takes High priest - Art•Vandelay
Eddie Vedder's Ukelele - beatmachineaaron
無 - Lucas
One little Onion - dasta
this little Fury (for Faye Valentine) - Art•Vandelay & Chester Watson
Wrong Approach ft. Nicholas J - The Deli

Album Art: Safari Al
Umbilical Link: Nicholas J.



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Offsite Wisconsin

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Track Name: The Pigeon Post ft. Max Bowen
I wrote the hook for this on a book mark
Not street smart, not book smart
Don't go ham, no pig farm
Got long beard, so I look smart
Don't mean harm.
Don't mean well.
When I speak, don't Know what I mean,
Most nights, don't drift off to sleep well
Trading Rapidash for a weepingbell
For a sleeping spell
I wanna scream and yell
But these Japanese
They don't scream and yell
I wanna be respectful
keep my head low
But this form of torture's
Waterboarding's cousin
Ignoring something
Once again
Once a Sunday
It comes down to this
The fall of Mr. Fifths
Instead of a fifth of gin
Watch a mound of movies
Like a pound of bricks
Got a crumpled list
Full of resolutions
a list of friends
Like Ebenezer Scrooge's
a list of proofs
That I've yet prove
I've left the country
But I've yet to move
Gotta get a move on
Blessed with youth still
Haven't chose the red
Haven't chose the blue pill
This must be how a statue feels
Haven't chose the red
Haven't chose the blue pill
I clutch that choice--
Like Disney balloon's
In a child's fist
My hairline's receding
I'm 23 and I feel uneasy
With signs of quiet
My grandpa
Told me
What's bes is patience
But patience ends in


Lucky Strikes
To curb the guilt I
Lit the wrong end
Smoked the filter
Segued metaphor excuse
For moral looseness so off kilter
I'm dangling
Jesus sends me messages
But spelled my name
Wrong yet again
One can't be sure
It's meant for him
So hear I am forgetting them
I'm dangling

Max Bowen Verse (pending)

Marble rye
Bartered lives
And a marble eye in the parking lot
In front of a tobu store
With a pack of tofu
And an open door
A pair of golden vans
In a frozen stance
Cursing choice
Before a homeless man
Bang the head
To Flying Lotus jams
Wondering if anybody
Knows your dead
Got a crumpled list
Full of occupations
A list of plans
With its body vacant
proud grandmother
At a graduation
A Park Chan
Movie for imagination
To hand grenade
And outblast the anguish
List of friends
That all speak the Language
With no plan to change it
With the odds against us
And our laughing faces

Track Name: Saikyō Pusher
I was Mario shouting "oops"
In a brick house
Moved to Japan
Pursued here by Mickey Mouse
Finally the white kid sticks out
But still gets a head
Without whipping his dick out
I prefer Dominos late
for the discount
500 yen's 5 games worth of taiko
Another train groper and I might go
American Psycho
Put him out like a light bulb
The Lynchian filth's beneath Duraimon
Necks tied tight
With neck ties
below dead eyes
12 hour shift
Overtime, bedtime
Pack in a train to
get ordered like french fries
Pondered all this over Mos Burger french fries
Got full, left my thoughts at the table
Crossed the street
Bought a used gamecube
Sought distraction in Resident Evil


Ive fought foes
On the tokyo metro
With an Emishi bow
I Hone and I let go

I fear death but today I fear these dreads more
My hair's knotty as a collie's in a pet store
A clear noggin's what I'm popping all these meds for
Advil, ten more
To help me feel mellow
High-strung as a cello
Rolling zigzags till my teeth turn yellow
Up against a teen on the tokyo metro
With a uniform skirt to turn
A clean man pedo
Miles of
Aisles of
Piles of
To pry down my pie hole
Eating feels purposeful
And the metabolic gods have been merciful
Blurring my vision on Sky Tree
The bright city lights they remind me
Of that scene in the Matrix
When Morpheus takes
Out a battery that’s exactly what I see


Earnest kids
Who dreamed reading
Purged of their urge
And cursed into
Working stiff
Prison cells
How a bishop sells
Views of the Christian hell
As anything
Worse than this
Im left Piddling
Burnt out
And stretched out like a
Seeking shade in the Giving Tree
burning through Coen box sets
like kindling
Whether four hour board games
Porn tapes
Or four hours of Borges
Volcano vapes
Followed by four hours of cornflakes
Followed forefathers
prolly I forked late
wanna abhor hate

But golly that
Work out x3
Track Name: Dungeon Maps (for the beggar under my futon) ft. Willing
Working throughout the week
In android auto sequence
Hibernating in my cave
McCulley Culkin on the weekend
That means I'm home alone
Fortress with mounted ray guns
My ultimatum's making music which
Amounts to payment
Urban mountain sage, inner circle's ultra vacant
Communicating with the muses
Through a music séance
Vision blurry like a skirmish with
Captain Insano cuz this Nag Champa got apartment
like active volcanoes
Flip through my ledger of time
Don a pillow
Don Delillo then
Adventure Time
I lock the doors
Lock the windows
Like I'm Edward Gein
This is what I'd do forever
If I were to never die

Hut Verse (pending)


Haven't really bathed in a while
Haven't heard my name in a while
Haven't left my cave in a while
Welcome to my domicile x3
Haven't felt irate in a while
Haven't felt hate in a while
This is where I'll stay for a while
Welcome to my domicile x3

Laying naked on an air mattress
Astral backflips
Wearing a pair of black kicks
Eno blasting magic
Through a pair of black phones
Cuz another noise complaint
They gonna send my ass home
Gonna sit my ass down
On my pelvis
Stanley yelnats
Digging holes in
Chrome until I'm full
Taking baths, watching breaking bad
Until I'm soaked
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know
Until I know'n now I know
What the east feels like
What a work life's like
How the weak will fights
How to be still nights
After beedrill bites
How the strong will wins
When iz peace kills pride
Gonna win a peace prize
For my contributions
To ganja potlucks
Supply the music
My eyes are lucid
Outside's a nuisance
Redesign the rubric
Inside my room
Track Name: Ape takes High priest
Seatbelt unfastened
Unfascinated with tomorrow
astral hand grenades
Fascinated with the bardo
I've been low shigoto
I'd love lucy now acid
dial ricky ricardo
Torn kimono
Like Christmas package
Was flacid
But now I'm thick as Marlon
What's hard to handle?
I've traversed the globe
And stolen
The whole art of kendo
Ate her woman parts like bento
What's the last
Truth you told me?
You don't know the new me
Let alone the old me
I've been lonely
Now I'm harder than a maccaroni
Act smarter and I'll smack a phony
Cuz im the captain of the troubadour denomination
Product of Obama nation
So I'm a changling
Inhabiting an abomination
So unamazing
But happy
Ive confronted that
I wear a couple hats
Show you one
Then double back
2am curmudgeon raps
What's a bunch of facts
To my bunch of bull?
More stories than that
Kurosawa's dreams
I might be the next hottest meme
Take the deepest breath of collard green
Then go to Harajuku like its Halloween
Being toppled
Ive seen more flops than Daniel
Eating manju
Watching Bruce Lee in a kung fu
Drinking oolong tea dreaming of Kari pamyu
Track Name: Eddie Vedder's Ukulele
Traveled to a couple countries
How my shadow hunts me
Funny how it's the wrong way in which the battle rubs me
I don't mean to paint myself as a prince though trust me
Still, I took the step you were scared to
But let me mention I was scared too
But the fear I felt was nothing compared to
The thought of dying old
Without a single story told
Sitting home alone in a single story home
No disrespect,
prolly find myself falling back
Until that time
Apologizing for not calling back
In fact,
There's something frank about my exits
My parents don't know my number
Not a clue what my address is
Teaching english lessons
As a means to cash this check with
A numbness in my chest
With which I almost hit the deck with
Could've stuck around
And no doubt I could've managed
But that role seemed overplayed
So here's another act vanished
Call me escapist
With a Supertramp playlist
Eddie Vedder's ukulele
Deserter Beetle Bailey
There's a murderer who tails me
With a sickle in his grip
A pocket watch echos
Through his megaphone
Tick, tick, tick
Getting six, six, six
In my fortune cookies
Growing out my hair
'Till it dwarfs a Wookie's
We are just a cast told to act
'till we pass out in exhaustion
I'll hold that pose for the longest

This is more provocative
Than father's disapproval
My lust to live
Makes the moon glow

Traveled to a couple countries
How my shadow hunts me
Funny how I couldn't handle when she said she loves me
One of the vices
As a skeptic is believing some things
Compliments like
Santa claus or the Easter bunny
No more pot like
No more God's helper
Alone with all these secrets
Dug in deeper than a
Bomb shelter
Construct a bubble
Selfish with the struggle
Cutting off communications till I'm stone age
Barney Rubble
Call it fear
These commitments seem imprisoning
thought I found my niche
But living in it felt like giving in
Logic may be twisted
but I'm convinced that there's another way
What if we left the cave for another cave
This ain't just another day
But oftentimes
Relationships disguise it so
My power's independent like a dynamo
Prolly not sustainable
But as a soothsayer
I'm incapable
making these mistakes and then I'll take em
To the grave below
I said goodbye
I felt complacent in my bed at night
Unappreciative of your body
Cuddled up next to mine
Didn't know how to fix it
So skipped town
With a plane ticket
Hoping to find a distance
That'll make me miss it
Haven't found it yet
And every reset is only temporary
Just another stray without a veterinary
February's distant
But it's temperature
Has leaked into my system
I'm seeking warmth
In this music as my exorcism

Track Name: 無
N/A (no lyrics were at any point in time ever written in any physical medium for this song)
Track Name: One little Onion
On emptiness
I'm David Lynch
Fighting a David Fincher
Arch nemesis
Plus seven Smiths
I empty clips
Of conscioussness
On globs of pompousness
Feels like six feet below
They think I'm on top of shit
But no accomplishments
So I look like a modest kid
Got an honest mouth
Like a Modest Mouse
More underground
Than a Hobbit house
Amaze myself
If no one else
I'll live with that
I'll live with that
You gave me power
Now I give it back
Clint Eastwood raps
Japan outpost
Write south paw
I can out caw
Any black bird
I'm the three eyed raven
Brand heard
Seen more light speed than
Captain Kirk
In the 2 hours left
After work
Inhabit earth
Like a pack of worms
In a family urn

I'm a magic, magic, astral
Necromancer, mancer
People wanna live again
Before they die
Before they lived
Or been diagnosed with cancer
I'm a magic, magic, astral
Midnight dancer, dancer
Take my hand
And I will take you to a land
Where overthinking powers can't work

Make your headphones
A deadzone
For overbearing
Head drones
Ride with me
I'm piloting
Your scrapbook-layover
Time machine
No morlocks
No mordor
No more gods
No soron
No more locks
No more doors
Or settling
No more scores
Four score
And we'll be there
In the veil that lays between here and other
Muttered I'm not sures
Let me correct your embouchure
These manticores are panda bears
And the masks they wear destined to tear
Let's kick it Here
And picket fear
And live in lithosphere

Track Name: this little Fury (for Faye Valentine)
Peeing in the shower
Not wearing condoms
Masterbating in between TV and eating ramen
These are just a couple things we ought to have in common
Don't you think?
Don't you think.
I've already thought about it a buttload
Wrap you round my waist like belt buckle
Up here, together's not meant to be a struggle yet,
I'm Magikarp splashing helpless in a puddle
Hitting the wall harder than a stunt double
We could be the kind of lover's
Who blow each others cover
Blowing marijuana smoke, eating peanut butter
Sandwiches riverside
You don’t like the crust
I would cut it off and we would feed the ducks dinner
I'd engulf you in the winter time love
Fit you snug in my drug rug love
Give you a back and a butt rub love
Give you a bath in the bath tub love
And kiss your pruny toes


Trying to see in this what you see in this
Speak your mind
Never feel inclined to plead the fifth
I will listen

Never feel inclined to hide behind
A verbal pantomime
I'll write until my hand's the kind
You put your hand inside
If you go deaf from all the sirens and anguish
I'll be the first one beside you
Learning sign language
I'll be the opposite of absent
A tad romantic
Shooting up your demons like a dope addict
We'll go at it over which torrents to download
The whole first season of Fargo or Fargo
We'll leave Target with thumbs over the barcodes
Of unpurchased candy bars and organic bar soap
We'll set the bar high
Climb 'till the bar's low
And keep digging like we're Kissin' Kate Barlow
Listen to us argue.
You prefer Martin Freeman on a bar stool
I'm more of a William H. Macy guy
But I can be convinced cuz I'm

Track Name: Wrong Approach ft. Nicholas J
Back to just me
And when it's just me, it's criminal
Throwing back shots of truth serum by the pitcher full
My worst flaw is that im not so sorry
But one man's flaw is another man's army
Fuck the camo, I don’t hide, I'm cocky
Vibes so strong bet the blind man spot me
Adapt faster than citizen kane
Let you count to sixty seconds then im Nicholas Cage
Another fleeting pleasure at another friend's expense
God's the architect
So evil's heaven sent
I'm Judas with the pen
Villainy is harder
I'm Bane with the joker's head case only larger
I'm selfish. And if I wanted I could help it
I choose to walk away cuz your face is like a pelvis
My face is fucking Elvis
A fucking god's head
When I give the digits bet I fucking got head
Bet I fucking got friends
Whose heads set their own orbits
We don't sell our soul cuz the devil can't afford it.
We keep them close
Like a pocket full of posies
Then rise up out the darkness
Like a bottle rocket homie
Tell me why you trying to filter me,
You've been tossed around like the Philippines, homie
Sorry that you're softer than vanilla cream homie
Let me show you what your step is to a millipede's homie


Let's kick a little lecture on loyalty it's like this
Liking the homie's music even if you didn't like it
Buying the homie's music even if you didn't like it
Play it through, rewind it
Play it through, rewind it


Nicholas J Verse (pending)

Chorus x2